Utilities Report & Utilities Overview Report

Utilities Report & Utilities Overview Report

  • Product Overview

    The Utilities Report collates all utility information into a single source and provides an outline of features below the surface. The report provides valuable information required before any excavations, designs or developments commence and will help reduce the risks of: expensive litigation if damage is caused, delayed project design, increased foundation costs and added danger for the workforce involved. A Digital Utilities Overview Plan, capturing all asset information retrieved from the Utility report and presenting it at the same scale on a single plan.


  • Can I cancel my Utilities Report?

    If you contact us within 30 minutes of placing the order, it may be possible for us to cancel your order with our supplier. However this cannot be guaranteed, particularly with the Express Service (5 working days). It is best to contact the Customer Services Team on 0844 844 9952 as soon as you think you may need to cancel any report.

  • How do I order a Utilities Report?

    The Envirocheck website provides a secure online ordering service. Registration to use this service is free of charge and will provide you with a Username and Password to access an online account, which can be used to order any of our products or services including the Utilities Report.

  • I have not received all of my data within the expected report timescale. When can I expect to receive the remaining information?

    We endeavour to obtain as much of the information as possible within the production timescale of your report. Unfortunately there are occasions when the response times of the Utility companies mean that it is not possible to obtain 100% of your information within the chosen timescale. In these scenarios we email you all the information that is available in a first batch and as soon as we receive any of the remaining information, this will be emailed to you in subsequent batches until all of the data has been received.

  • I only require mains water and sewerage information for my site. Is this possible to order through Landmark?

    The comprehensive nature of our Utilities Report searches mean that all relevant known information is supplied for a site. To scale down a search would not be within the scope of this service, so it would not be possible through Landmark. However we are always happy to discuss your specific circumstances and data requirements, so please do contact the Customer Services Team on 0844 844 9952.

  • I ordered a 20 working day service but need the Utilities data much sooner. Can I upgrade to a 10 working day service?

    This may be possible depending on how soon you request the upgrade. Any upgrade would incur an additional charge. If you think you need to upgrade your order, please contact the Customer Services Team on 0844 844 9952 to discuss the options.

  • My Envirocheck account says that my Utilities Report has been ‘Dispatched’ but I haven’t received any information yet. Where is my data?

    The ‘Dispatched’ status for Utilities Reports simply means that the order request has been dispatched to our supplier. It does not mean your report is available. If the delivery date of your Utilities Report has arrived and you have not yet received any information, it may be that the file size is too large to deliver via email. If this is the case, we will always contact you on the delivery date to find an alternative method such as ftp server or CD.

  • The resolution of one of the plans is not what I was expecting.  Can this be improved?

    The maps, plans and drawings are scanned in as they are received from the Utility companies. If you have any queries about the resolution or content of a Utilities Report, please contact the Customer Services Team on 0844 844 9952 with details of your order and your query, and we will happily work to resolve it.

  • What information is included in a Utilities Report?

    The Utilities Report provides underground service information relevant to your site, including gas and oil pipelines, electricity cables, telecommunication wires, mains water supplies, sewerage and fibre-optic cables. If your site is in London, the report will also include London Underground service information if relevant. Note that your exact site boundaries will be searched for Utilities information and not a wider buffered area. Point-based sites will be buffered to 50m.

  • When can I expect to receive my Utilities Report?

    This will depend on the service which has been ordered. There are three levels of service available for Utilities Reports:

    Standard Service: 20 working days
    Premium Service: 10 working days
    Express Service:  5 working days

    When calculating the delivery date of the report, please note that these are working days and not calendar days.

  • Where can I find information about the prices of the Utilities Report?

    Once you have set up an Envirocheck account, all prices are available to view online. Simply log on, select the New Order tab, draw your site boundary and then choose the Utilities Report service you require. Prices will be provided and you can then save this as a Quote.