Digital Terrain Model

Digital Terrain Model

  • Product Overview

    Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) provide a topographic model of the bare earth/underlying terrain of the earth's surface. They are usually derived from Digital Surface Models (DSMs) by digitally removing the cultural (man-made) and vegetation features. Envirocheck provides DTMs from two sources; the Environment Agency and Ordnance Survey.


  • How can I check the extent of LIDAR data coverage on my site?

    There is partial coverage for both DTM and DSM LIDAR data across the United Kingdom. The Envirocheck website has a built-in ‘Coverage-Check’ tool for both LIDAR datasets. Simply log onto your account, draw the exact area you require the data for and select your chosen LIDAR dataset. The ‘Coverage-Check’ tool will then indicate the extent of coverage across your site.


  • I require EA LIDAR data for a very large site and would like to obtain a Quotation. How can I do this?

    If you site is larger than 10km, please feel free to contact the Customer Services Team for a quotation on 0844 844 9952. If your site is smaller than 10km, you can log on to your Envirocheck account, select the New Order tab, draw the data area you require and then select either DTM or DSM data within the Envirocheck Export option. Prices will be provided and you can then save this as a Quote.


  • My order does not cover the area I was expecting. Why is this?

    This may be due to the partial coverage of EA LIDAR data. It may also be due our digital data being supplied for the exact site boundaries and not for an extended buffered area. If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Services Team on 0844 844 9952.


  • What format are DSM and DTM LIDAR data available in?

    DTM LIDAR data is available in ascii, dwg (tin), jpg and and text file formats. 

    DSM LIDAR data is available in ascii, dwg, jpg and text file formats.  


  • When can I expect to receive my LIDAR data?

    Landmark processes each LIDAR request individually so please allow up to 48 hours for your data to become available.