Height Data Support

Height Data

  • The provision of accurate height information for use in GIS and CAD applications enables you to build a clear 3D picture of a particular area and its natural and built environment. Height data offers a valuable tool in advanced site analysis, planning and modelling applications and effective environmental analysis that is reliant on flood risk and subsidence modelling.


  • Contours


    Contours are the most popular and widely understood way of visualising and presenting height data, and are derived from the measured height values. There are two data sets available; OS Land-Form PROFILE...

  • Digital Surface Model

    Digital Surface Model

    Digital Surface Models (DSMs) measure the height values of the first surface on the ground including terrain features, buildings, vegetation and power lines etc, providing a topographic model of the earth's...

  • Digital Terrain Model

    Digital Terrain Model

    Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) provide a topographic model of the bare earth/underlying terrain of the earth's surface. They are usually derived from Digital Surface Models (DSMs) by digitally removing the...

  • Envirocheck Export

    Envirocheck Export

    Envirocheck Export is an online service available through Envirocheck, designed to provide you with fast and flexible access to digital mapping and data in a range of geospatial formats. Envirocheck Export...