Geology & Mining Support

Geology & Mining

  • Understanding geology and mining is vital when determining the stability and value of land and property and is essential for you when engaging in contaminated land appraisals, ground investigations, remediation planning or foundation design. Information contained within Envirocheck's geology and mining reports are principally sourced from the British Geological Survey, the Coal Authority and Landmark's own database.


  • Coal & Brine Report

    Coal & Brine Report

    The Coal Authority Coal and Brine report is vital for property and environmental professionals involved in the purchase or development of property or land in coal mining areas in England, Scotland and...

  • Envirocheck Export

    Envirocheck Export

    Envirocheck Export is an online service available through Envirocheck, designed to provide you with fast and flexible access to digital mapping and data in a range of geospatial formats. Envirocheck Export...

  • Geology Maps

    Geology Maps

    Instant access to current 1:10,000 and 1:50,000 geological mapping from the British Geological Survey for the whole of Great Britain. Assessment of site geology is essential for contaminated land appraisal...

  • Mining & Ground Stability

    Mining & Ground Stability

    The Mining and Ground Stability Report provides an accurate picture of ground stability issues surrounding a site. Exclusive to Landmark, this report contains MotionMap data which gives a precise picture of...