Envirocheck Report

Envirocheck Report

  • Product Overview

    Envirocheck Report is the industry standard desk study information service, providing you with fast and highly accurate environmental site assessments. Envirocheck delivers site-specific information with access to comprehensive Ordnance Survey current and historical mapping. The Envirocheck Report, comprised of two main components, offers you a flexible solution by allowing you to choose the detail you need depending on your project requirements.


  • Can I cancel an order I have placed online?

    The Envirocheck Report starts to generate instantly so our customers receive data within the shortest possible timeframe. This means it cannot be cancelled once the Submit button has been pressed. However if you have ordered a third-party Report such as a Coal and Brine Report and you contact us immediately, we may be able to cancel the request. Please contact the Customer Services Team on 0844 844 9952 to discuss any order you wish to cancel.

  • Can I change the site details on the Envirocheck Report I have already ordered?

    Each Envirocheck Report is unique at the time it is ordered. Unfortunately the only way to make any kind of amendment to an existing Report is to order it again. We are happy to discuss your particular circumstances and reasons for requiring the change so please contact the Customer Services Team on 0844 844 9952.

  • How can I obtain a copy of an old Envirocheck Report?

    If your Report is less than one year old, the Order Tracking function can be used on your account to request a copy of the report. If the report is older than a year, please contact the Customer Services Team on 0844 844 9952. Be aware that only certain sections of a report will be archived.

  • How do I order an Envirocheck Report?

    The Envirocheck website provides a secure online ordering service. Registration to use this service is free of charge and will provide you with a Username and Password to access an on line account, which can be used to order any of our products or services.

  • How long does it take for an Envirocheck Report to arrive?

    Allow up to 3 hours for the electronic version to arrive via email and up to 48 hours for any paper copies or CDs to arrive via Parcel Force delivery. An email will be sent including the Parcel Force tracking number, so you can track your order on the Parcel Force website.

  • The link to my order isn’t working and I cannot download my report.

    There are two possible reasons for this. Firstly the link may have split over two lines of the email in transit which causes an error. To fix this, if you copy and paste the whole of the link into the address bar of a new Internet browser, this will allow you to download the report. The second reason is that the link is not working, is that it may have expired. The link is active for four weeks and during this time we advise you to download and save the data to your PC.

  • What is the maximum size for an Envirocheck Report?

    There is no size limit for purchasing Envirocheck data. However for areas larger than 10km, more than one Envirocheck Report will be produced to cover the whole area. For a very large area such as an county boundary, you may wish to discuss Bespoke options with the Customer Services Team or your Account Manager.

  • Where can I find information about the prices of an Envirocheck Report?

    Once you have set up an Envirocheck account, all prices are available to view online.  Simply log on, select the New Order tab, draw your site boundary and then choose the data or report you are interested in. Prices will be provided and you can then save this as a Quote.  Alternatively you can contact the Customer Services Team to discuss your data requirements.

  • Why is there more than one Radon entry in the Data Sheet of my Envirocheck Report?

    Your site crosses a boundary between two Radon Affected Areas and therefore two results have been generated. If you need more information about this boundary and the Radon data in your report, please contact the Customer Services Team on 0844 844 9952.