Aerial Photography Support

Aerial Photography

  • Aerial photography allows you to visualise your site's location, enabling you to clearly identify access points, surrounding areas, boundaries, road layouts and other features. Aerial imagery is provided by a wide variety of suppliers, giving you access to current and historical photographs in a range of formats, for use in GIS and CAD applications.


  • Current Aerials

    Current Aerials

    Current aerial photographs give you a clear visual representation of your site. Current aerials are available through three Envirocheck services: Site Location Plans, an aerial layer within Envirocheck...

  • Envirocheck Export

    Envirocheck Export

    Envirocheck Export is an online service available through Envirocheck, designed to provide you with fast and flexible access to digital mapping and data in a range of geospatial formats. Envirocheck Export...

  • Historical Aerials

    Historical Aerials

    Envirocheck offers an extensive range of historical photographs, in a variety of formats. The photographs allow you to identify features that may not be identifiable on a map, for example WWII bomb damage...