Welcome to the Envirocheck Support pages. Here you will find helpful advice from how to order your reports and data, through to what to do if you forget your password. On the home page you will find answers to the top 10 frequently asked questions. To find specific advice on our wide range of products and services, simply type the product name into the search box.

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  • Can I check that the Envirocheck product will work with my browser?

    The systems requirements for Envirocheck are:

    Supported Systems:

    • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 & Windows 8
    • Internet Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 & 11
    • Internet Connection: 1Mbps+ ADSL / Cable
    • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768
    • Colour Depth: Highest (32bit)

    Recommended Configuration:

    • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 64bit
    • Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 9
    • Internet Connection: 8Mbps+ ADSL / Cable
    • Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024
    • Colour Depth: Highest (32bit)

    In addition you will require the latest ActiveX control to run Envirocheck.

    If you are unsure what your configuration is, you can use the diagnostics tool which can be found here

  • Forgotten account Username and/or Password.

    Both the Username and Password are case-sensitive. If you get an error message when logging on or have forgotten your Username or Password, please contact the Customer Services Team on 0844 844 9952.

  • How do I order an Envirocheck Report or Environmental data?

    The Envirocheck website provides a secure online ordering service. Registration to use this service is free of charge and will provide you with a Username and Password to access an online account, which can be used to order any of our products or services and also to manage your data. Please visit our home page to Register.

  • I am trying to log onto my Envirocheck account and am getting the following error message: ‘Unfortunately this page is not available.’

    Please use Windows Internet Explorer to access the Envirocheck website.

  • I have a question about the Data I have ordered.  Where can I find more information?

    Each of our products has its own dedicated User Guide which contains additional information about the data supplied. Please download the User Guide which is relevant to your order and refer to the Appendix for more information about data.

  • I have ordered an Envirocheck Report for my site but need to order some more information for the same site. How do I do this?

    This can be done using the ‘Order Extra Data’ function. If you log onto your Envirocheck account, click on the ‘Order Tracking’ tab, enter the 8-digit order number and click Search, this will display the details of your original order. You can then click on the “Order Extra Data” tab and tick any products you require, being sure to untick any pre-selected products you do not require.

  • I would like to speak to someone about very specific data requirements for a project I am working on.

    Please feel free to contact the Customer Services Team on 0844 844 9952 who will be happy to help and can also put you in contact with your dedicated Account Manager here at Landmark.

  • The link to my order is not working.

    There are two possible reasons for this. Firstly the link may have split over two lines of the email in transit, which causes an error. To fix this please copy and paste the whole of the link into the address bar of a new Internet browser and this will allow you to download the report. The second reason is because the Link may have expired. The Link to your order is active for four weeks and during this time we advise you to download and save the data to your PC.

  • When can I expect to receive my order?

    Data which is held by Landmark will be delivered via email within 3 working hours from the time of placing your order. If you have requested a printed copy or CD of the same data, this will be delivered within 48 working hours via Parcel Force. Data and Reports which need to be requested from a third party will take longer to be delivered. These include EA LIDAR data, Utilities Reports, Bomb Search, Coal Authority, Soil Reports and Bluesky Aerials. For exact timings, please refer to the specific product or data you are interested in.

  • When ordering data, how do I identify my site?

    The Envirocheck website allows you to search for a site based on a national grid reference, postcode or place name. You can then define your site using either: the Line Tool for Linear routes such as road, railways or pipelines; the Polygon Tool for site boundaries; or the Point Tool for placing a point at the centre of your site. Alternatively if you have a Shp file containing your site boundary, this can be uploaded directly onto the website to create the site boundary.