Carbon Counter

  • Product Overview

    The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is a new energy saving and carbon emissions reduction scheme for the UK. The scheme is mandatory and began in April 2010. It aims to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the UK to help tackle climate change.

  • Product Information

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  • Product Specification

    Carbon Counter enables you to establish whether you are a scheme participant, and offers a simple and safe data collection and storage solution in preparation for your submission to the Environment Agency.


    • Record your company structure in a CRC-ready format.
    • Upload meter and consumption data from existing systems.
    • Provide the correct information disclosure or registration details for your company to submit to the Environment Agency.
    • Secure data management and maintenance for as long as your organisation or the regulations require.
    • Generate the information for the CRC mandatory Footprint and Annual Reports ready for submission.
    • Retain regular snapshots of your organisation’s data, to provide the evidence pack for CRC audit purposes and to enable tracking of year-on-year progress.
  • Features and Benefits

    • Instant flexible web access, with minimal rollout costs.
    • Online step-by-step guidance, to assist with CRC compliance regulations.
    • Easy data entry, saving time collating information and improving the accuracy of reporting.
    • Validate data entry prior to submission.
    • Track organisational changes – mergers/demergers, tenant/landlord issues.
    • Remote and secure storage offsite for CRC evidence pack.
    • Help to ensure you meet your compliance obligations, thereby reducing the potential for incurring financial penalties.

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