Points of Interest

  • Product Overview

    The Points of Interest database for Great Britain is provided by PointX, a joint venture company between Landmark and Ordnance Survey. Features range from tourist attractions and businesses to public buildings, retail outlets and leisure facilities.

  • Product Information

    Available through Envirocheck Export in a range of digital formats; DWG, Shape, DXF, SDF, TAB and GML. Data is delivered within three hours of placing your order.

  • Product Specification

    • Over 4 million single geo-coded points of interest.
    • Great Britain coverage.
    • Sourced from 20-30 different suppliers including Thomson Directories and Market Locations.
    • Information is classified into 6 datasets: Manufacturing and Production, Education and Health, Commercial Services, Retail and Eating Out, Recreational and Environment, Public Infrastructure.
    • Data includes addressable features such as shops, schools, hotels and restaurants, plus non-addressable features including lakes, car parks, telephone boxes, cattle grids, public toilets and letter boxes.
  • Features and Benefits

    • Quality Assured – Data is sourced from multiple suppliers from which we remove duplicates and take the best available data.
    • Comprehensive – Over 4 million points of interest.
    • Accurate – Each feature is classified and allocated a geocode.
    • Fast – Data is delivered by email download within three hours of placing your order.
    • Up-to-date – Points of Interest are regularly updated as new information becomes available.


  • Applications

    Essential information for businesses delivering location based services and users in the commercial sector, central government, local authorities and emergency services. Also useful for identifying potential receptors, such as businesses, schools and hospitals, as part of an Environmental Impact Assessment and for transport planners undertaking design and access statements.

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