Green Belt Constraints

  • Product Overview

    Green Belt is an area of principally open countryside surrounding existing built-up areas. Landmark is the only company that legally licenses Green Belt data for commercial business use.

  • Product Information

    Available through Envirocheck Export in a range of digital formats; DWG, Shape, DXF, SDF, TAB and GML. Data is delivered within three hours of placing your order.


  • Product Specification

    The purpose of the green belt is to check the unrestricted sprawl of the built-up area and to safeguard the surrounding countryside against further development. 

    • Green Belt data is verified against the local plan of the area.
    • Areas of Green belt are defined by Landmark as 'adopted' if they are sourced from adopted local plans and 'unadopted' if they are sourced from deposit plans.
  • Features and Benefits

    • Saves time – No need to digitise green belt constraints data by hand.
    • Flexible – Only buy the data you need for your project.
    • Fast – Data is delivered by email download within three hours of placing your order.
    • Convenient – All data is held in one place, diminishing the need to spend time searching and collating data from several disparate sources.
    • Unique – Landmark is the only company that legally licenses green belt data for commercial use.
    • Legal – All data is fully licensed for commercial use, under a single managed licence, with automatic expiry reminders.


  • Applications

    Used to screen sites to ensure that they do not contravene any environmental or planning laws.

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