Envirocheck Deutschland

  • Product Overview

    Inframation AG is wholly owned by Landmark Information Group and is the leading supplier of web-based geo-information for the real estate and banking markets in Germany, with services also available for Europe.

  • Product Specification

    • Inframation offers a range of products and services to customers working in real estate valuation, bank loan to value ratio calculation, appraisals and portfolio analysis, as well as information for commercial property location analysis and expansion planning.
    • Envirocheck Deutschland, operated by Landmark’s German business Inframation AG is designed specifically to open up access to public and private sector information needed for Phase 1 site investigations in Germany.
    • Envirocheck Deutschland for the first time gives environmental and property professionals better access to records covering the sixteen German states, 429 district offices and 12,141 municipalities necessary for due diligence in Phase 1 site investigations.
    • Environmental professionals will now be able to more easily research historical land uses, aerial photographs, land use and geological maps and other essential records that would otherwise be uneconomic to research.
    • Because of the large amount of time saved, Envirocheck will help streamline workflow to allow faster Phase 1 desk studies in order to free up time for more valuable Phase 2 work.

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