Trade Directories

  • Product Overview

    Historical Trade Directories featuring occupiers and trades that may be potentially contaminative are available through Landmark Library. Dating between 1828 and 1938, these directories can be browsed, reviewed and downloaded online.

  • Product Information

    Historical Trade Directories are available exclusively through Landmark Library. Library tokens are only available for purchase when ordering an Envirocheck Report. 

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  • Product Specification

    • 12,500 pages of Historical Trade Directories, dating between 1828 and 1938.
    • Directories available include Kelly's, Pigot's, White's, Slater's and the Post Office.
    • The directories feature detailed information on occupiers and trades that may be potentially contaminative.
    • Determine the type of use for unnamed or unspecified works or factories, identified from your Envirocheck historical map analysis.


  • Features and Benefits

    • Comprehensive – The most complete online source of trade directories.
    • Accurate – Provides an extra level of detail not available on Historical Maps alone.
    • Saves time – Instant desktop access avoids long visits to your local library. 


  • Applications

    • Compliments the Envirocheck Report for Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments, Environmental Due Diligence reporting, Environmental Impact Assessments, Contaminated Land Assessment and Housing Stock Transfers.
    • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments.


    'Yet another innovative solution from Landmark, delivering valuable, must-have, additional historical information for environmental professionals.'
    Rebecca Beddard, Mayer Environmental Ltd

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