Historical Data Report

  • Product Overview

    The Historical Data Report contains detailed historical land use data and is produced from the analysis of historical building plans and Ordnance Survey historical maps.

  • Product Information

    This report can be ordered with an Envirocheck Report and is dispatched at the same time, with delivery by email if requested. Original copies of the Ordnance Survey Historical Maps are not included in this report.


  • Product Specification

    • Identifies historical land use such as potentially contaminative industrial uses, potentially infilled land and historical tanks and energy facilities.
    • Comprises an A4 Datasheet, an A3 Mapsheet at 1:10,000 scale and up to 16 Mapsheets at 1:2,500 scale.
    • Data captured from Historical Building Plans including potentially contaminative features such as asbestos and Areas Cleared due to Enemy Action (bomb damage).
    • List of the Historical Building Plans analysed for your selected area.
    • Full UK coverage.


  • Features and Benefits

    • Fast – Delivered electronically within three hours of placing your order.
    • Time Saving – Draws out pertinent historical features.
    • Cost effective – Historical screening of your site.


  • Applications

    Compliments the Envirocheck Report for Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments, Environmental Due Diligence reporting, Environmental Impact Assessments, Contaminated Land Assessment and Housing Stock Transfers.

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