Digital Terrain Model

  • Product Overview

    Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) provide a topographic model of the bare earth/underlying terrain of the earth's surface. They are usually derived from Digital Surface Models (DSMs) by digitally removing the cultural (man-made) and vegetation features. Envirocheck provides DTMs from two sources; the Environment Agency and Ordnance Survey.

  • Product Information

    Available through Envirocheck Export in a range of digital formats; ASCII, DWG, DXF and CSV formats. Data is delivered within 48 hours of placing your order.

  • Product Specification

    Environment Agency DTM Data - England and Wales

    • Accurate digital elevation data produced by Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), an airborne laser mapping technique.
    • Data set contains ‘bare earth’ terrain.
    • Supplied at four resolutions; 25cm, 50cm, 1m and 2m.
    • Covers approximately 64% of England and Wales.

    Atkins DTM Data – Scotland

    • Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) is an airborne laser mapping technique which produces accurate elevation data. 
    • Data set contains a 'bare earth' Digital Terrain Model (DTM) where vegetation and other surface features have been identified and removed; and a Digital Surface Model (DSM) that includes surface objects.

    Ordnance Survey Panorama DTM Data

    • Digital representation of 'bald earth' terrain, consisting of point height values at each intersection of a 50m horizontal grid, Derived from 1:50,000 scale mapping.
    • OS Panorama DTM data is now available free of charge through Envirocheck Export.
  • Features and Benefits

    • Saves time – All data is available fully digitised and ready to be uploaded in a choice of GIS and CAD ready formats.
    • Flexible – Only buy the data you need for your project.
    • Fast – DTMs are available within 48 hours of placing your order.
    • Accurate – EA LIDAR data has an accuracy of +/-5cm to 15cm, with the spatial resolutions ranging from 25cm to 2 metres.
    • Legal – All data is fully licensed for commercial use, under a single managed licence, with automatic expiry reminders.
  • Applications

    • Flood risk analysis.
    • Risk assessments.
    • Feasibility studies.
    • Line of sight analysis.
    • Noise and wind modelling.


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