• Product Overview

    Contours are the most popular and widely understood way of visualising and presenting height data, and are derived from the measured height values. There are two data sets available; OS Land-Form PROFILE Contours and OS Land-Form PANORAMA Contours.

  • Product Information

    Available through Envirocheck Export in a range of digital formats; DWG, Shape, DXF, SDF, TAB and GML. Data is delivered within three hours of placing your order.


  • Product Specification

    OS Land-Form PROFILE Contours

    • Represents the physical shape of the real world within Great Britain.
    • Details contour lines, spot heights and air heights.
    • PROFILE contour features are at 5m elevation intervals.
    • Derived from 1:10 000 scale mapping.

    OS Land-Form PANORAMA Contours

    • Represents the physical shape of the real world.
    • Details height contours, lakes, coastlines, breaklines, ridgelines, spot heights.
    • Derived from 1:50,000 scale mapping.
    • PANORAMA contour features are at 10m elevation intervals.
    • The accuracy of digital contours is typically better than 3m.
    • OS Land-Form Panorama Contours data is now available free of charge through Envirocheck Export. 
  • Features and Benefits

    • Saves time – All data is available fully digitised and ready to be uploaded in a choice of GIS and CAD ready formats.
    • Flexible – Only buy the data you need for your project.
    • Fast – Data is delivered by email download within three hours of placing your order.
    • Legal – All data is fully licensed for commercial use, under a single managed licence, with automatic expiry reminders.
  • Applications

    • Site analysis.
    • Terrain analysis.
    • Drainage analysis.
    • Visual impact studies.

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