Coal & Brine Report

  • Product Overview

    The Coal Authority Coal and Brine report is vital for property and environmental professionals involved in the purchase or development of property or land in coal mining areas in England, Scotland and Wales.

  • Product Information

    The report is supplied by the Coal Authority and is available within five working days of placing your order.


  • Product Specification

    The report comments on past, current and future underground and surface coal mining activity, shafts and adits, coal mining geology, subsidence damage claims, gas emissions, emergency call-out surface hazard incidents, working rights and, in England and Wales, brine subsidence claim information from the Cheshire Brine Board.


  • Features and Benefits

    The Coal Authority holds and maintains the national coal mining database and they provide a fast, accurate, property-specific and cost-effective coal mining service for any property in England Scotland and Wales.

  • Applications

    • Vital for property professionals buying a property in a coal mining area in Britain.
    • Environmental due diligence.
    • Civil engineering.
    • Insurance.
    • Ground stability.
    • The report answers the due diligence enquiries 1 to 15 of the Law Society’s CON29M 2006 coal mining and brine subsidence search in England and Wales and enquiries 1 to 13 of the ScotForm 2006 coal mining search in Scotland.

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