Flood Screening Report

  • Product Overview

    The Envirocheck Flood Screening Report is aimed at Level 1 Flood Risk Assessments and contains flooding information from several sources including the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales, JBA Risk Management Ltd, Environmental Simulations International and the British Geological Survey.

  • Product Information

    Reports requested electronically will be emailed to you by Customer Services within three hours. If you order a hard copy of the Envirocheck Flood Screening Report online before 12pm, your report will be delivered by courier within 24 hours. Hard copies ordered after 12pm are delivered within 48 hours.


  • Product Specification

    Report contents:

    • Data Sheet (includes Crawford’s insurance information which are not mapped).
    • 8 x A3, 1:10,000 maps (1 x EA/NRW/CEH Flood, 4 x JBA Flood, 1 x Canal Failure, 1 x EA/NRW Detailed River Network and 1 x EA Historic Flood Events and Landmark's Historical Flood Liabilities data mapped together).
    • 4 x A4 1:50,000 map (2 x BGS, 1 x ESI and 1 x EA/NRW RoFRS).

    Key data sets:

    • EA/NRW Detailed River Network data.
    • EA/NRW RoFRS data providing an indication of flood risk at a national level.
    • EA/NRW Historic Flood Events data, records flood events dating from 1703 to 2008; including source and cause of the flood and how it was established.
    • JBA Flood Hazard 75,100, 200 and 1,000 Year return periods, undefended flood risk and flood depth data.
    • BGS Groundwater Flooding Susceptibility and Geological Indicators of Flooding.
    • ESI Groundwater Flooding Risk 
    • Unique to Landmark, Historical Flood Liabilities data.
    • Flood insurance risk data from Crawfords.
  • Features and Benefits

    • Comprehensive – Single flood report containing data from multiple data sources – EA/NRW, JBA, ESI, BGS and Crawfords.
    • Saves time – Saves valuable time collecting data from disparate sources.
    • Unique – EA/NRW flood data alone is insufficient for a robust flood risk assessment – the Envirocheck Flood Screening Report contains JBA pluvial, fluvial and coastal flood data, enabling consideration of surface water flood risk and defended and undefended flood risk for the first time.
    • Accurate – Improved accuracy and robustness are gained from the presence of the EA/NRW Detailed River Network data which includes extra information on rivers, drains and streams.


  • Applications

    • Environmental professionals undertaking Level 1 Flood Risk Assessment and flood appraisals for Environmental Impact Assessments.
    • Insurers engaging in diligent claims management processes to reduce claims and ensure accurate underwriting.
    • Transport planners and planners working in multi-disciplinary consultancies undertaking feasibility studies would benefit from flood zone information.

    Download sample report

    Envirocheck Flood Screening Report User Guide


  • Any questions?

    For information on rates and bespoke solutions, please contact your Account Manager or email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

  • Testimonial

    The Envirocheck Flood Screening Report represents a huge step in providing targeted information to those who are assessing flood risk. Crucially Landmark has consulted users in developing such products to ensure they are fast and effective, responding to industry demand.

    Will Rogers, Associate Director, URS Corporation Ltd

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