Soils Report

  • Product Overview

    The Soils Site Report, produced by Cranfield University's National Soil Resources Institute, identifies and describes the properties and capacities of the soil at a specified location as recorded in the National Soil Map for England and Wales.

  • Product Information

    Reports are available for England and Wales via electronic delivery only, within 24 hours. For sites greater than 5km by 5km, please call Customer Services on 0844 844 9952.


  • Product Specification

    Envirocheck’s Soils Report is produced by Cranfield University’s National Soil Resources Institute

    Report contents:

    • Soil Class Map.
    • Hydrology of Soil Type. 
    • Ground Movement Potential.
    • Flood Vulnerability. 
    • Risk of Corrosion to Ferrous Iron. 
    • Pesticide Leaching and Runoff Risk.
    • Natural Soil Fertility. 
    • Typical Natural Habitats. 
    • Background Topsoil Element Levels.

    The report will help you:

    • Identify the soils most likely to be present at and immediately around your specified location.
    • Understand the patterns of soil variation around your location and how these correlate with changes in landscape. 
    • Identify the nature and properties of each soil type present within the area.
    • Understand the relevant capacities and limitations of each of the soils and how these might impact on a range of factors such as surface water quality.



  • Features and Benefits

    • Accurate – Site-specific soils information with maps and soil descriptions.
    • Legal – Meets EU law requiring you to identify, describe and assess the direct and indirect effects of a project on the soil and closely related environmental factors, if you are involved in Environmental Impact Assessments or Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA).
    • Fast – The inclusion of a Soils Site Report in an EIA or SEA will quickly enable you to understand and communicate the key issues surrounding the soil 'land bank' relating to your project.
    • Comprehensive – Provides pertinent information on a range of issues including the potential for damaging ground movement or pipe corrosion, flood extent vulnerability, geo-hazards and background levels of soil contaminants.


  • Applications

    This report provides an ideal preliminary reference source and is essential if you are involved in Environmental Impact Assessments or Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA). The Soils Report will also be relevant to those working in respect to the Water Framework Directive, the Nitrates Directive and the Town and Country Planning Act.

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