Environmental Impact Assessment Report

  • Product Overview

    The Envirocheck Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report provides site-specific data enabling you to identify the potential impacts of a project on the surrounding environment prior to a planning decision.

  • Product Information

    Reports requested electronically will be emailed to you by Customer Services within three hours. If you order a hard copy of the Envirocheck Report online before 12pm, your report will be delivered by courier within 24 hours. Hard copies ordered after 12pm are delivered within 48 hours.

  • Product Specification

    The Envirocheck EIA report consists of three main components: A4 Context maps, a set of A3 maps and a Data Sheet, as detailed below:


    Data plotted on 1:50K CRM and a locality map (1:25K CRM). These are A4 Maps plotted at 1:50K scale.


    1:2,500 scale Site Map – a choice of either OS VectorMap Local or OS MasterMap, and an Aerial Photograph

    1:10,000 scale maps – data plotted on 2 x 1:10,000 A3 maps plotted on OS StreetView and OS VectorMap Local and an Aerial Photograph


    The datasheet contains the detail behind the features plotted on the various maps mentioned above. The Datasheet consists of the following data categories:


    • Ecology
    • Heritage
    • Water and Hydrology
    • Visual and Landscape


    The Environmental Impact Assessment Report is only available for sites in England.

  • Features and Benefits

    Informed – Gain in-depth knowledge of your site to understand the potential environmental impacts as part of your request for planning permission

    Accurate –  Site-specific environmental data and mapping

    High quality – Quality controlled environmental data from reliable sources

    Cost effective – Saves time and resource collecting disparate data, allowing more time for analysis and reporting

  • Applications

    Environmental Impact Assessments

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