Envirocheck Report

Envirocheck Report

  • Product Overview

    Envirocheck Report is the industry standard desk study information service, providing you with fast and highly accurate environmental site assessments. Envirocheck delivers site-specific information with access to comprehensive Ordnance Survey current and historical mapping. The Envirocheck Report, comprised of two main components, offers you a flexible solution by allowing you to choose the detail you need depending on your project requirements.

  • Product Information

    Reports requested electronically will be emailed to you by Customer Services within three hours. If you order a hard copy of the Envirocheck Report online before 12pm, your report will be delivered by courier within 24 hours. Hard copies ordered after 12pm are delivered within 48 hours.

  • Product Specification

    The Envirocheck Report has two main components: Site Sensitivity Maps and Data Sheets and Historical Maps. Under our flexible ordering process you can decide what level of detail you require for each component. Available options:

    • Premium
    • Essential
    • Basic

    This means that you can easily mix and match these options, for example ordering the Premium Historical Map option and the Essential Site Sensitivity Information to make up your Envirocheck Report giving you even greater choice.


    Site Sensitivity Maps and Datasheets

    A set of A3 maps including:

    • Flood.
    • Boreholes.
    • Sensitive Land Uses.
    • Source Protection Zones.
    • Groundwater Vulnerability.
    • EA/BGS Aquifer Designations.
    • NEW BGS Soil Chemistry Maps.

    The Datasheets contain the detail behind each Map ID, including the compass direction, national grid reference and the estimated distance from the site. Data is summarised into: Agency and Hydrological, Waste, Hazardous Substances, Geological, Industrial Land Use and Sensitive Land Uses. Options include:

    Premium – Datasheet, 3 x 1:10,000 Slice Maps using OS Streetview, 5 x 1:50,000 Slice Maps using OS 1:50,000, 1 x 1:2500 Segment Map using OS MasterMap and NEW BGS Soil Chemistry Maps.

    Essential – Datasheet, 3 x 1:10,000 Slice Maps using OS Streetview, 5 x 1:50,000 Slice Maps using OS 1:50,000, 1 x 1:2500 Segment Map using OS Vector Map Local and NEW BGS Soil Chemistry Maps.

    Basic – Datasheet, 3 x 1:10,000 Slice Maps using OS Streetview, 5 x 1:50,000 Slice Maps using OS 1:50,000 and NEW BGS Soil Chemistry Maps.


    Historical Maps

    Landmark’s digital archive is the UK’s largest and most comprehensive, comprised of over 1 million historical maps uniquely sourced from the Ordnance Survey, Trinity College, Dublin and the Royal Geographical Society.

    Envirocheck Historical Maps form a key element of your Envirocheck Report. Key mapping includes:

    County Series, National Grid Series, SIMs, SUSIs & Large-Scale National Grid Data (Superplans), Historical Town Plans, Historical Building (GOAD) Plans, Russian Military Mapping and Historical Aerial Photographs in various scales.

    All reports will receive this information as standard with the following options for 10k Colour Raster Mapping:

    Premium - 3 x OS 1:10,000 Colour Raster Maps - 1999, 2006 and 2011 layers.

    Essential - 1 x OS 1:10,000 Colour Raster Map - 2011 layer and your choice of either the 1999 or 2006 OS 1:10,000 Colour Raster Map layer.

    Basic - 1 x OS 1:10,000 Colour Raster Map - 2011 layer.

    Do you need access to the most comprehensive Historical Map archive? Find out more

  • Features and Benefits

    • Choice – You can easily mix and match key components of your report depending on your project requirements.
    • Fast – Delivered electronically within 3 hours of placing your order.
    • Accurate –  Site-specific environmental data and mapping.
    • Comprehensive – Environmental data combined with current and unrivalled historical Ordnance Survey maps for the whole of Great Britain.
    • Unique – Envirocheck contains all the essential information to complete a Phase 1 environmental assessment, including License Waste Management Facilities by boundary, Local Authority Pollution Prevention Controls, Local Authority Pollution Prevention and Control Enforcements and Local Authority Recorded Landfill Sites, exclusively from Landmark.
    • High quality – Quality controlled environmental data from reliable sources.
    • Cost effective – Saves time and resource collecting disparate data, allowing more time for analysis and reporting.
    • Flexible – Choose between alternative delivery options and define the size of the site and report buffer.
    • Informed – Gain in-depth knowledge of your site prior to a site visit, enabling more informed decisions.
  • Applications

    • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments.
    • Environmental due diligence reporting.
    • Environmental Impact Assessments.
    • IPPC permit applications.
    • Asset management.
    • Contaminated land assessment.
    • Housing stock transfers.

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  • Any questions?

    For information on rates and bespoke solutions, please contact your Account Manager or email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

  • Testimonial

    Envirocheck is the definitive source for environmental information and we rely on it for all our UK due diligence work.

    Rupert Brown, Senior Consultant, ERM


    Envirocheck provides great depth of information and has become the industry standard. We use an Envirocheck on all our environmental due diligence work to ensure that all bases are covered.

    Tim Clare, Associate Director, WSP Group

    Case Study

    CgMs Consulting is one of the largest independent environmental, archaeological and planning consultancies in London. CgMs Consulting was instructed by Taylor Wimpey South West Thames to undertake an archaeological desk-based assessment in order to quantify the archaeological risks and potential costs of a site in Guildford that they were in the process of purchasing. Outline planning permission had been granted with a condition requiring an archaeological trenching due to the site’s perceived potential for Roman remains.

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