Digital Mapping

  • Product Overview

    Current digital mapping ranging in scale between 1:1,250 (MasterMap) and 1:50,000 scale (Town Mapping) is available to export in a variety of flexible formats.

  • Product Information

    Available through Envirocheck Export in a range of digital formats; DWG, DXF, TAB, World, GeoTIFF and GML. Data is delivered within three hours of placing your order.


  • Product Specification

    Digital Mapping available includes:

    • OS MasterMap® – A seamless large-scale vector layer containing almost half a billion point, line and polygon features from the built and natural landscape of Great Britain.
    • OS 10k Colour Raster Mapping – 1:10,000 scale colour raster mapping provides detail on fences, field boundaries, road names and buildings.
    • OS 25k Explorer Mapping – 1:25,000 scale colour raster mapping shows a detailed overview of environmental and leisure features.
    • OS 50k Town Mapping – 1:50,000 scale colour raster mapping offers clear detail on roads, footpaths, woods, water features, important buildings and height contours.
    • UKMap® – Large-scale (1:1,250; 1:2,500; 1:10,000) data set depicting man-made and natural features in London ranging from houses, factories, roads and rivers to marshland and administrative boundaries.
    • UKMap® 3D Data Bundle - In addition to the 1:1000 UKMap® Detail mapping layer, the UKMap® 3D Data Bundle also combines LiDAR derived height data to extrude buildings to their appropriate heights creating a basic building block 3D model. A DTM resolved at 5m postings displayed as a TIN (Triangulated Irregular Network) and Contours at 0.5m intervals have also been included in order to provide further terrain detail. Read Product Release
  • Features and Benefits

    • Fast – Delivered electronically within three hours of placing your order.
    • Flexible – Select the size, scale and type of mapping you require.
    • High quality
    • Comprehensive – Full UK coverage.
    • Convenient – Download current mapping at the same time as other data for use in your GIS and CAD applications.
  • Applications

    • Improve the presentation of desk studies.
    • Puts your site into context on current mapping.

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