Current Mapping Products

Current Mapping

  • The addition of current mapping gives context to any project, by providing you with an overview of the features existing on and around your site. Five scales of mapping are available, ranging from 1:1,250 to 1:250,000 scale. You can select the scale and format of mapping to suit your site, for inclusion in report documents or for use in GIS and CAD applications.


Featured Current Mapping Products

  • Envirocheck Export

    Envirocheck Export is an online service available through Envirocheck, designed to provide you with fast and flexible access to digital mapping and data in a range of geospatial formats. Envirocheck Export saves you the...

  • Site Location Plans

    Envirocheck Site Location Plans are high quality, site-centred location plans that have been designed specifically for consultants to aid the production and improve the presentation of desk...

  • Digital Mapping

    Current digital mapping ranging in scale between 1:1,250 (MasterMap) and 1:50,000 scale (Town Mapping) is available to export in a variety of flexible formats...