Historical Aerials

  • Product Overview

    Envirocheck offers an extensive range of historical photographs, in a variety of formats. The photographs allow you to identify features that may not be identifiable on a map, for example WWII bomb damage, potentially unexploded bombs or potentially contaminative features.

  • Product Information

    Historical Aerial Photographs sourced from the British Library and Landmark’s own archive are available as a standard (depending upon coverage) when you order Historical Maps either in report format or through Envirocheck Export in digital format. Historical Aerial Photographs provided by Bluesky are requested through Envirocheck and will be received within five working days.

  • Product Specification

    RAF Historical Aerial Photographs

    • Produced by the Ordnance Survey from Royal Air Force Photography between 1944 and 1951.
    • Digitised for the first time from the British Library, with additional photographs provided from Landmark's own archive.
    • Over 6,000 photos available as A3 prints or PDFs.
    • Provided at 1:1,250 and 1:10,560 scales.
    • Partial coverage limited to cities and important installations.

    Bluesky Historical Aerial Photographs

    • A unique archive dating from 1917 to 2004.
    • Images range from 1:2,500 to 1:50,000 scale.
    • Over one million historical aerial images available as JPEGs.

    Note: Images are not site-centred.

  • Features and Benefits

    • Comprehensive – The Bluesky Old Aerial Photo archive is the largest commercial archive in the UK.
    • Unique – Historical Aerial Photographs from the British Library have been digitised for the first time and represent 'Post War gap fillers' providing critical missing information between 1944 and 1951 when standard Ordnance Survey maps were not produced.
    • Cost effective – Saves time and resource collecting disparate data, allowing more time for analysis and reporting.
  • Applications

    • Ideal for identifying WWII bomb damage and potentially unexploded bombs.
    • Essential for investigating site history, understanding historical land use and identifying contaminated land.

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