Envirocheck Export

  • Product Overview

    Envirocheck Export is an online service available through Envirocheck, designed to provide you with fast and flexible access to digital mapping and data in a range of geospatial formats. Envirocheck Export saves you the effort of digitising features (such as Local Plan information) by hand or contacting suppliers directly (such as the EA for LiDAR height data) and your requirements are met with the convenience of a single portal.

  • Product Information

    Digital mapping and data is available in a variety of formats to suit your needs, including World, Geotiff, Tiff, Shape, DWG, DXL, DXF, TAB and GML. Your data is conveniently delivered via email within 3 hours of placing your order, ready to upload into your GIS and CAD systems or on CD within 24 hours.

  • Product Specification

    Envirocheck Export contains a variety of raster and vector mapping and data sets, all fully licensed for commercial use. Categories include:

    Administrative Boundaries
    Points of Interest Information
    Local Development Plans
    Planning Applications
    Green Belt Constraints Data
    Environmental Constraints
    Land Use constraints
    Code-Point with polygons

    Height Data

    LiDAR Digital Terrain Model
    LiDAR Digital Surface Model
    3D Models

    Agency and Hydrological

    EA Flood Data sets
    RMS Flood Data
    BGS Flood Data sets
    Landmark’s own Historical Flood Liabilities data

    Historical Maps and Data
    Historical Maps including Russian Military Maps
    Historical Building Plans
    SIMs, SUSIs and Superplans 

    BGS 1:10,000 and 1:50,000 geological mapping data
    BGS 1:50,000 GeoSure ground stability data  

    Current Mapping
    OS MasterMap
    UKMap 3D Data Bundle
    OS 10K Colour Raster Mapping
    OS 25K Explorer Mapping
    OS 50k Town Mapping

    Aerial Photography
    Current Aerials
    UKMap Aerials
    Historical Aerials

  • Features and Benefits

    • Fast – Delivered electronically within 3 hours of placing your order.
    • Accurate – Site-specific environmental data and mapping.
    • Comprehensive – Environmental data combined with current and unrivalled historical Ordnance Survey maps for the whole of Great Britain.
    • High quality – Quality controlled environmental data from reliable sources.
    • Cost effective – Saves time and resource collecting disparate data, allowing more time for analysis and reporting.
    • Flexible – Define your site, pick mapping and data sets to suit your project requirements and choose from a variety of output formats.
    • Informed – Gain in-depth knowledge of your site prior to a site visit, enabling more informed decisions.
    • Saves time – No need to digitalise features of interest by hand or contact suppliers direct.
    • Convenient – all conveniently available through the familiar Envirocheck.co.uk ordering website.
    • Legal- All Export Data is fully licensed for commercial use, under a single managed license, with automatic expiry reminders.
  • Applications


    • Large-scale planning and development
    • Hydrological modelling

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