Working closely with data providers, including the Ordnance Survey (of which Landmark is a Premier Partner), the Environment Agency, the Coal Authority and the British Geological Survey, enables us to offer current and historical environmental risk management information and desktop mapping solutions for the environmental industry.



We have developed a comprehensive database built around our strategic relationships with a wide-range of statutory and non-statutory organisations, who supply our data. Multiple local and GB based data sets are collated to create and maintain the UK's leading database of property and land search information.



6 Alpha
In collaboration with 6 Alpha, Landmark supplies Bomb Search which helps you to determine the risk of UXO on your site. 6 Alpha are a special risk consultancy who are experts in designing risk mitigation measures for security, terrorism, business interruption and UXO risks.

Atkins provides our Utilities Report Service and is one of the world's leading engineering and design consultancies.

Bluesky specialises in airborne surveys and has in excess of 30 years experience in this type of data capture and the uses of the resultant data sets. Landmark has teamed up with Bluesky to give customers access to the largest historically important commercial aerial photograph archive available.

Cranfield University
Cranfield University’s National Soil Resources Institute leads Cranfield’s research on soil and soil science and is the provider of the Soils Report available through Envirocheck.